To quickly sell your home in Madeira and maximize profits, follow these five steps to make your property stand out in the competitive real estate market: 


**Step 1:** Showcase Your Home's Full Potential through Staging 

Prepare your home beyond the basics like cleaning and decluttering. Buyers desire modern finishes and a designer feel. Opt for home staging to accentuate strengths and help buyers visualize living there. Staged homes tend to sell faster by 73% according to the Real Estate Staging Association. 


**Step 2:** Attract Buyers with High-Quality Listing Photos 

First impressions matter, and quality listing photos are crucial. 87% of buyers find photos very useful in their home search. 

Ensure your listing photos are top-notch by capturing the best angles, lighting, and unique features that set your home apart.


STEP 3: Pricing the Property Right from the Beginning

In a robust real estate market like Madeira, some homes can remain unsold for months or even years. This stagnancy can be detrimental in real estate as potential buyers might assume there are underlying issues with the property, even if that's not the case.

The reason these houses linger on the market is often due to being overpriced.

Buyers have specific budgets and typically explore listings within a certain price range. If your property is priced too high, it won't be able to compete effectively with other correctly priced homes, resulting in a prolonged listing until a price reduction is necessary.

Our expertise can assist you in determining the optimal listing price for your home within the current market conditions. Setting the right price from the start is key to ensuring a swift and profitable sale.


STEP 4: Creating a Memorable Impression During Showings

Once potential buyers express interest and schedule visits, it's essential to make a lasting impression during each showing.

Firstly, ensure your home is easily accessible and available for viewing, even on short notice. Missing a showing could mean missing a chance to sell your home. Setting too many viewing restrictions might deter busy buyers, causing them to move on to other listings.

To keep your home accessible, maintain its show-ready condition while it's on the market. Understandably, our homes don't always look perfect, reflecting our daily lives. However, investing a little extra effort in keeping your home clean, organized, fresh, and welcoming to buyers can expedite the selling process, allowing you to return to your routine sooner.


STEP 5: Implement a Proven Promotional Strategy

Many real estate agents continue to market their listings the same way they did two decades ago – by placing a sign in the yard and hoping for a sale. However, research shows that 93% of homebuyers now search for property listings online.


This is why we prioritize staying updated on training and technology to ensure that your listing gets visibility in the places where buyers are actively searching. Our comprehensive promotion plan involves pre-launch initiatives to generate interest and post-listing efforts to maintain your property's appeal to potential buyers.

By leveraging online and social media platforms to engage with consumers and offline channels to reach out to local real estate professionals, we guarantee maximum exposure for your property among prospective buyers.

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