A Destination of Dreams in the Atlantic 

Good food, good wine, good friends; Magnificent Madeira Island is a land where dreams come true. It is here in this pristinely beautiful, autonomous region of Portugal where you’ll find the spectacular natural wonders, year round mild sub-tropical climate, laid back and peaceful lifestyle you’ve longed for. 

Beauty by the Sea 

Nicknamed “The Atlantic Floating Garden” and chosen nine times by the World Travel Awards as Europe’s leading island destination, Madeira Island offers a peaceful tranquility by the sea. The largest island in its archipelago, Madeira stretches 57 km (35 mi) in length and is 22 km (13.6 mi) wide, making it easy to explore in a day. Its casual pace, however, will convince you to slow down, relax and enjoy all there is to see. 

Spectacular sunsets, world-renowned wines and panoramic views tempt all those lucky enough to come home to Madeira. Volcanic, green and adventurously rugged, it is the perfect spot to vacate. But those who experience the magic of the island often look into the Madeira property market and decide to stay. Its volcanic history adds to the splendor of Madeira Island, with mountainous peaks over 6,000 feet high. Visitors and locals alike marvel at the dynamic vistas left behind as they walk along the irrigation “Levadas” enjoying the warm air ushered in by currents of the Gulf Stream. 

Our History with Madeira Island 

Tony Nobrega has everything you need to know about the island and the local Madeira homes for sale. His properties span the region and cater to the needs of an International market. He knows the area and will work to find both the location and the home that fit your needs. If experience and local knowledge matters, let him show you the best that the Madeira property market has to offer. 

Madeira lifestyle: Amenities and More 

Easy to explore thanks to well-maintained roads, excellent internet connectivity, Madeira is the perfect place to relax and unwind while still enjoying all things modern. With the international airport within a short haul distance from Europe, traveling to and from Madeira is effortless. 

Due to the influx of affluent tourists and retirees, Madeira proudly boasts the highest economic growth in the region. Local artisan markets and modern shopping centers offer quaint and quality shopping. The finest hotels, lively night clubs, upscale dining and world-class golf attract those seeking a sophisticated lifestyle. Consistently warm, spring-like temperatures encourage the adventurous to explore the vastness and beauty of the area. There is a thriving expatriate community, and a variety of properties available on the island. Due to the tropical temperatures, the stellar views, and the local culture, home values are stable and the Madeira real estate market is healthy. 

Come Home to Madeira 

If you are prepared to unwind and make beautiful Madeira your home, Tony is eager to make that a reality. With access to the finest properties in Madeira, he can help you find the house you have always envisioned as your home.

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