Madeira Island, situated in the Atlantic Ocean, is known for its romantic charm, with the sea blending seamlessly with nature. Many retirees and second-home property investors have chosen to make this island their home. Here are some key highlights about Madeira Island:

  • Referred to as the "floating garden" of the Atlantic, located approximately 1,000km southwest of Portugal.
  • The island features an international airport with direct flights from various European cities such as Frankfurt, London, Paris, Madrid, Zurich, and Lisbon.
  • Boasting a horseshoe-shaped harbor that has attracted numerous luxury sea-cruise ships over the years.
  • Enjoying a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures ranging from 16º to 19ºC in winter and 21º to 25ºC in summer.
  • Madeira has been a popular destination for European visitors since the early 1900s, particularly from the United Kingdom, leading to a significant British expatriate community on the island.
  • The island offers a variety of sports facilities, including golf, tennis, mountain climbing, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing, and sailing.
  • The unique climate of Madeira supports diverse flora and fauna, with the famous Levada Walks being a popular nature activity.
  • Significant infrastructure developments in the past two decades, including new tunnels and highways, have enhanced accessibility and property investment opportunities.
  • Funchal, the main city, features historical buildings, museums, art galleries, traditional and modern shopping options, and a vibrant cultural scene.
  • Madeira is known for its rich culture, hosting year-round cultural events and festivals that attract tourists from around the world.
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