retiring in madeira island

With a growing community of expats on the island, you’ll find plenty of like-minded folk, all eager to share the beauty of Madeira Island. A retirement home of your dreams awaits!

A Newly Found Freedom in the Sun

  • Imported beer- 1.62 euros
  • Cappuccino- 1.31 euros
  • Gallon of milk- 1.94 euros
  • Loaf of bread- .86 euros
  • Fitness club per month – 42 euros
  • Movie ticket – 6 euros

Retiring in stunningly beautiful Madeira is reasonable, so you needn’t deplete your retirement account to get by. With average temperatures in the 21ºC, there will be no expensive heating or fuel bills to pay, and you certainly won’t need to buy another winter coat.

Although the island is affluent, affordable prices won’t break the bank:

Sunshine, Health and Happiness.

Retiring in Madeira Island means there’ll be no need to set the alarm. You’ll be happy, healthy and filled with energy – thanks to a guaranteed daily dose of Vitamin D - and ready to relax into a lifestyle enhanced by peaceful and tranquil island living.

Whether you choose to settle in Funchal, Calheta, Ajuda, Garajau, Canico or Prazeres, getting exercise on the island without countless hours on the treadmill is easy. You can hike over 600 miles of trails through lush valleys and stunning mountain terrain, swim the pristine waters of the Atlantic ocean coastline, partake in a number of water sports, walk along sea-side promenades and walkways, or spend your day on one of the island’s championship golf courses.

If strolling along the quaint cobble stoned streets of the city is more your style, Madeira Island will not disappoint. Lined with bistros, bars and cafes, the city streets open onto a shimmering coast, an awe-inspiring mountain expanse and a stretch of beautiful blue sky.

Kissed by the sun, you’ll be tanned, toned and healthy.

Accessibility, Opportunity and Ease

A quick hour and a half flight from the mainland, retiring in Madeira Island keeps you close to Europe and Africa. The island’s primary language is Portuguese, but English is widely spoken, especially in the tourist areas. The tourist trade also affords many opportunities for investment. With hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, the area is ripe for small business.

Madeira has all the amenities and conveniences of home. You can shop ‘til you drop, enjoy the amazing island gastronomy, take part in the authentic culture and/or dance the night away.

Retiring in Madeira Island offers all the commercial conveniences you need, as well as high quality private and accessible healthcare.

Affordable Cost of Living

Planning your retirement has never been easier. You’ve found the perfect locale. Now it’s time to find the perfect property. If you’re ready to retire in Madeira Island, we’re ready to help!

Contact Us or give us a call today at 351 291 0999 01. Your Madeira Island retirement home is waiting!

It’s Time to Retire to a Madeira Island Dream

Rua Ponta da Cruz N° 39 4B S. Martinho,

Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal 9000-103

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