Selling Property in Madeira Island

Nobrega Realty: A Proven Record in Marketing and Sales

Madeira Island Property, Selling Property in Madeira IslandNobrega Realty has a proven record in marketing and selling some of the most distinctive properties in all price ranges in Madeira Island. We have the expert sales guidance you need to help you through the selling process.

Whether your property is situated in Funchal or one of the more rural areas, we take care of the sale so you can take care of everything else. From cottages to mansions to the most sophisticated or charming architectural designs, we have the most efficient means of selling Madeira Island property.

World-Wide Reach

With our specialized marketing program, you’ll have access to the global Real Estate market where you can target a world-wide pool of buyers. Local, national and international clients will see and appreciate what your property has to offer.

Sellers who work with us benefit from our global positioning as International members of N.A.R (National Association of Realtors) U.S.A. As members of APEMIP in Portugal, we have close working relationships with our colleagues on a national level, giving us access to more buyers.

Selling a Lifestyle

We’re not just selling property in Madeira Island, we’re selling the value of a life well-lived, and we have the far-reaching tools to accomplish that goal. We take full advantage of available media to make sure you are selling your property in Madeira Island at its best value:

  • Global Websites
  • Newspaper Advertorials
  • National and International Media
  • Advanced Social Media Platforms
  • Mobile Internet Technology

Expert Sales Guidance

Selling property in Madeira Island demands an understanding of the required rules, regulations and documentation. Nobrega Realty provides the expert guidance you need:

  • Registration Certificate (Certidão de Registo) – Ownership history, description of property and details of any liabilities or encumbrances, obtainable from the local registration office
  • Tax Registration Certificate (Caderneta Predial) – Used by the Finance Office in calculations for council taxes - may not be immediately available if the house or apartment is newly built, but can be applied for.
  • Permit for Use (Licenca de Utilizaçcão) – Indicates the house or apartment has been approved for use or habitation - may not exist for older properties.
  • Promissory Contract – Agreement between seller and buyer, detailing parties and property, deposits and payments, critical dates and agreements on furniture, fittings, repairs, improvements .
  • Title Deeds (Escritura) – Final document of completion, destroys the Promissory Contract and must be endorsed by a Public Notary.
  • Additional Documentation – Proof of identity, tax payment certificate, Power of Attorney if needed, etc.

We Make Selling Simple!

Selling your property in Madeira Island has never been easier. Be it a Villa, farmhouse, townhouse, secluded rural property or oceanfront apartment, we make selling simple.

To talk about your selling needs or to obtain a free market evaluation of your property in Madeira Island and/or a free property market guide, Contact Us or give us a call at 351.2910999.01.